The pure taste of New Zealand's southernmost organic milk

AwaRua Organic milk powders, your first choice for premium nutrition for the whole family. Their creamy, luxurious taste reflects the best organic farming practices in New Zealand. AwaRua Organic milk powders are certified pesticide free and contain no additives, antibiotics, or preservatives. At AwaRua our milk comes from naturally healthy cows. Cows that are grass fed, living outside all year and free to roam the fields of some of New Zealand's most fertile farmland. With one taste you will know that we have given you all the pure goodness of premium dairy. 

Grow stronger and healthier with AwaRua Organic milk powders – the best nutritional choice for you and your loved ones.

Organic Full Cream Milk Powder

AwaRua™ Organic Full Cream Milk Powder is rich in protein goodness and has a smooth texture with a luxurious, creamy taste.

Organic Toddler Plus

AwaRua’s unique Organic Toddler Plus formula provides essential nutrients to help support the dietary needs of active young children. Grow vitality, strength and wellness with Organic Toddler Plus.

Organic Mum2Be

Give her the best start towards her parenting future with Organic Mum2Be. Organic Mum2Be supports a nutritionally balanced diet for women who are pregnant, trying to conceive or are breast feeding.


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