New Zealand pure and proud of it.

New Zealand, our home of snow-capped mountains, crystal clear lakes and rich, lush pastures; we live in the best country in the world, and at AwaRua Organics we are very proud of our pure organic milk, produced at our Awarua Dairy facility in the southern-most region of the world. 

We are proudly New Zealand owned, dedicated to producing extremely high quality, organic-certified milk in the most sustainable and environmental way possible. 

Come meet our people, our farms and locations and discover more about our company.

Why is organic important?

At AwaRua Organics our entire approach is about the health and welfare of our cows. We believe healthy cows produce healthy milk. 
Organic farming means AwaRua herds are natural, healthy, happy cows that live outdoors, free from chemicals and pesticides, which ensures there are no chemical residues in our products. Quality and safety is our first priority with all our farms, in our manufacturing processes, in our supply chain and with food safety systems which are audited and certified regularly. 

Converting a farm to certified organic takes two years and is a difficult and challenging process. To achieve our goal we had to rethink almost all of our farm practices as we moved to a clean, chemical free way of working.

So why do we do it? It’s simple really. We believe it’s a better, kinder way to farm, caring for our farmers and our animals. A more sustainable farming practice offers a better future for everyone. 
Oh, and those happy cows create the most delicious natural milk!


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